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UFO and ET petroglyphs - Mark D'Antonio Add Video

Mark Dantonio Presents Drawn in Stone: Hints of Petroglyphs. Mark Dantonio talks about ufo drawings in petroglyphs and what they mean to us now.

Posted by D. J. Brown - MUFON N.D. State Director ; MUFON International Section 4 Star team Leader; Field Investigator; MUFON International Benefactor on October 14, 2011 at 12:44 AM 2149 Views

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Reply Sharon Ellinger
3:15 AM on March 12, 2013 
I have a picture of the Superstition Mountain that I would like Marc D. Antonio to look at. It has all kinds of weird things in the sky and things going on with the mountain too. IT'S NOT FAKE!
Thank You for your time, Sharon
Reply Bear
11:13 AM on October 19, 2011 
I've seen Petroglyphs in many parts of the nation. Although archeologists say they mean this or that, without a Rosetta Stone to help in their translation, I find their conclusions to be speculative at best. When you see the differing silhouettes paintings of non-terrestial entities it makes you wonder. To actually see a sighting and an extra-terrestrial many years ago, I know I would try to describe it so future members of my tribe would have a record of the sighting. The only way of recording back then was to carve it in stone.
Reply Bear
11:05 AM on October 19, 2011 
North Dakota has some petroglyphs of its own. Northeast of Crosby, ND in the Northwestern part of the state there's the Writing Rock Historical Park. I've visited it before and often wondered about the artist?s meaing of his or their work. The rock is actually two different stones. Both are granite boulders. The largest of the boulders has remained in situ. The smaller boulder was removed and taken to the Grand Forks UND and underwent physical and chemical tests. The site itself needs to be mentioned. The Historic Park is located on the Coteau Du Missouri (French for Hills of the Missouri). This is where the most recent glacial advance terminated in ND. The Coteau Du Missouri runs diagonally across the state running from the extreme Northwest corner, through the state, to the Southeast corner. It is a continental drainage divide that separates drainage to Hudson Bay Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. Another name for this type of drainge divide is the Continental Divide. That?s right, North Dakota has a Continental Divide running diagonally across the state. Some of you may have noticed when traveling between Bismarck and Fargo the Interstate 94 road sign that says, ?Continental Divide?, this why it claims the distinction.
The Indians who carved the petroglyphs at Writing Rock knew this. They knew they were on ?top of the world?. They knew all they had to do was canoe the Mouse River and they eventually would get to Hudson Bay, or if they canoed the Missouri River they would eventually end up in the Gulf of Mexico. So by carving the petroglyphs into the rocks at the Writing Rock Historical Park must have been important for them to do this ?on the top of the world?. Needing to be mentioned the petroglyphs were carved into granite. There has been little weathering to the stone?s surface due to the weather resistant nature of granite. Other interesting things about the site is that radio carbon dating had been performed on the pottery and animal bones located nearby and the results indicated that Writing Rock was carved at the time that Jesus Christ was here performing his mortal ministry. The carbon dating indicated that they were carved around dates of 0-50 CE (Current Epoch). The Indian legends tells how the two boulders could be used to tell the future. But sadly, once the smaller one was removed and taken to Grand Forks for study, the rocks no longer are able to provide clues to the future.
I have my own hypotheses about these rocks, but with little scientific collaboration I will not speculate publically about the hypothetic nature of my suspicions concerning the Writing Rock interpretation. If you are ever in the area the trip out to the Historical Park is worth it and I recommend the trek for curiosity?s sake alone.

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