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D. J. Brown - MUFON N.D. State Director ; MUFON International Section 4 Star team Leader; Field Investigator; MUFON International Benefactor
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   I've been wondering about your thoughts on the star child slides posted to this site many months ago. I posted these slides to try to create a forum discussion on them. This skull has more medical anomalies locked within it than are known to exist in any other skull known to science. Why are we as a species not more intrigued about this medical marvel? Is this a medical anomaly at all, or is this skull the product of normal growth processes?  Please read up on this skull and the work that has been done scientifically to extract DNA samples and the results of those works.

 (If anyone has any inside info they would like to pass on to me feel free to do so).



D. J. Brown, MUFON N.D.  State Director; MUFON Section 4 Star Team Leader; Qualified Field Investigator; MUFON International benefactor.

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