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I have had a long facination with the UFO phenomenon since my first sighting in 1976. In 1995 I had a moving experience in a close sighting. MUFON investigated that sighting and I then began to get involved with MUFON,first as a member,then as a field investigator then as the Assistant State Director and currently as The State Director.  I have always loved a good mystery and the UFO phenomenon is the biggest !  Today I find myself interested in the governments documents on the UFO phenomenon. I am looking forward to a long relationship with MUFON as I am a benefactor. I have been keeping busy this past winter with new MUFON investigations. I urge all who witness a sighting to report your sighting to  My appreciation must be expressed to Larry Gessner for creating this sight-thank you Larry!

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Reply Loves The Unknown
5:09 AM on September 12, 2012 
Hi Dale! Thank you for the warm welcome. I would like to know when the next event shall be and how I can help. Really enjoyed listening to Stanton talk in Mandan. It was my first UFO speaking engagement. I hope to make it to the next quarterly meeting.
Reply hyji
12:40 AM on November 11, 2011 
Hello D.J. Brown, I'm also a member of
UFO News Club, another very good site.
Thank you for the kind welcome:-)
Reply 0
10:30 PM on September 27, 2011 
Thanks Dale for the Welcome. But I joined over a year ago. Just waiting to meet all of you at a Fargo event? Tom
Reply Chuck
12:42 AM on June 12, 2011 
Thanks for the warm welcome Dale. I look forward to a long friendship.
Reply Doug Helbling
4:15 AM on April 12, 2011 
Re: your comments: I don't recall any sightings while a resident of ND ... I moved away back in '79. But I had some friends who'd experienced some unusual sightings back there. It's interesting that you mention the airport. My brother worked at the airport south of Bismarck for some time years back, before he left and went to work for Melroe.

I have had a couple of interesting sightings out here in Oregon, one of which I did not even realize was probably a sighting until recently. That one involved a conventional-looking aircraft that was just "hanging in the sky" ... in essence hovering in one place, but it was not the type of aircraft that could do that. I was in traffic at the time and could not get confirmation or take photos of it. Since then I have seen a couple of rather nondescript blips in the sky that did not have any conventional aircraft shape to them. I managed to catch a couple of these on film, but have not submitted them as cases yet. We have a few local folks here in the Portland area who do "skywatches" regularly. I attended one this last Friday and got five shots of something strange in the afternoon sky. This was in between several shots of conventional-looking jets, airplanes, helicopters, and even an F15 that passed by. I have not yet heard from my skywatch cohorts from that night if they snagged anything. I expect I'll find that out in a few days. I have some other shots from a marathon auto-snapshot session over the span of three weeks that yielded some really interesting stuff. I'll probably put that up on the Oregon MUFON site some time in the next month (
Reply Doug Helbling
12:13 PM on April 11, 2011 
Thanks for the welcome. I am active in Oregon MUFON, but am still curious as to what's going on in N. Dak. Always interested in news of sightings and investigations around my old stomping grounds, including, Bismarck, Burleigh and Morton counties, as well as the rest of the state.
Reply Dale J. Brown
2:02 PM on February 3, 2011 
Dale we can do a skype call if you like. Glad to see you are doing better.
Larry give me a call very soon, we need to set up a meeting a.s.a.p. I need a MUFON fix! I think others may as well.
Reply Bear
3:43 AM on January 25, 2011 
Dale, I send you my condolances with your mother's passing. In times like these there is little that one can offer to provide peace or comfort with a passing of a love one. I have faith that when we slip the bonds of this mortal coil and we become like eagles and kiss the heavens as we see the face of the Creator. I believe your mother has experienced this sensation. All of my sympathy for the loss that you're suffering at this time.
Wow Gwendolyn! I just finished reading your posting and the goose-bumps it gave me are only now starting to fade! What an event; what an experience that must have been for you as a teenager! Thank you so much for sharing that memory with me.
It is , to me, a remarkable thing that so often parents, of young children in particular, tend to have complete faith and belief in the deeds,actions and words of the child until an extraordinary claim is made. Then seemingly all the belief,all the trust is lost in favor of mistrust,disbelief or even accusations.
When did we stop believing the children? Why would we not believe our own child? At least you were only told you were being silly.

Children,though blessed with an active imagination, are probably the least likely to make any sort of an outlandish claim with a straight face. They seem to know pretend and reality as very different things by a very young age,say 3-5 yrs or so. And have you ever watched a child's face when they KNOW they are lying? Of course you have and you can read it all over that face,usually hidden (not) behind a great big grin! Because they know the real truth. And they know that you know it too.

I recently spoke with a witness who was 10 years old at the time of their sighting. That individual has gone on to retire from a military branch and is now a military contractor servicing a N.D. military facility,and he is still telling the same story of his U.F.O. experience.

Is it not amazing, how those most extraordinary moments, unbelievable to our loved ones in our youth,can have such a profound impact upon the rest of our lives as to define our very beliefs and realities? Or shape our future?
------------Don't fib to me!-----
My family and friend may just as well have started saying "Don't fib to me the rest of your life" when I was fourteen!
Alas, I think I've worn them down a bit over the years.Most of them have softened their bark as well as their bite after facing the mountains of case file evidence.( You KNOW who you are!)
I suppose it is reflective of the public opinion on the matter as a whole; at least if you believe the polls that say there is more acceptance of the idea of E.T.visits and ancient astronaut theory. ----Were wearing them down!---

Keep in touch, and thanks again. --------Dale-----
Reply Gwendolyn
11:11 PM on November 17, 2010 
Thank You D. Brown. It is something that has stayed with me and always will be in my minds eye. Here is an account of my siting as it is on UFO Social-
Well I'm going to try to tell you about what I saw. My family lived in Amarillo Texas at the time. I was 14 years old. My friend Rhonda (can't remember her last name) and I were going to a birthday slumber party ( the birthday girls name was Vicky Davis and I remember her birthday was around lincholns or washingtons birthday-don't know why I remember that) We put our pj's in our pillows and carried them over our shoulder. The park was on the next block-these were pretty long blocks. Vickies mother was picking us up at the park. I remember it still being daylight at this time. We were walking down the sidewalk towards the park when we heard a low humming sound behind us. We turned around and there was nothing there. we continued toward the park. I saw an old woman or man ( can't remember which) standing inside their door just sort of frozen looking- I said to Rhonda," Look at that old zombie," and we laughed and continued walking. We heard the low humming sound again. We turned around ( I expected to see a car or something coming down the road,but there was nothing.We walked on just a few steps when there it was again! That low humming sound- I stomped my foot and turned around saying "What is that!" When BAM! it was right there! Above and behind us. I got really excited and startred shouting- "It's a UFO! It's a UFO! Do you see it? Now this is where things slowed down-I picked my foot up off the ground to take a step towards it and at the exact same time (I mean exactly like the same thought at the same time like one thing-can't explain it good...) The UFO swooped towards me! I did a backwards lean and said "Whoa!" then things slowed down more(like slow motion) I felt someone yanking on my arm and yelling RUN! I turned my head to see Rhonda's face. She was scared- I mean pee in your pants afraid! I was'nt afraid until I saw her face. We ran on towards the park because we were closer to it than my home where we started.When we were runing I would keep looking back and the UFO was pacing us- no slower- no faster- staying exactly with us. We got to the park and got under a tree. I could see it through the limbs. I stepped out from the tree to see it and all of a sudden it was like it got sucked up by a vacume- Blink and it was gone! Then I felt strange like time was getting normal again. I noticed lights sweeping around and behind me. It was Vicky and her Mom coming around the corner in their car. It seemed strange to me the brightness of the headlights. Well I told them all about it very excitedly. Rhonda did'nt want to talk about it, that made me mad. I told everyone about it for weeks and weeks. My friends told me to stop talking about it. My family did,nt want to here it anymore. My Mom told me I was being silly.Well I never did stop talking about it. As for the description- it was metalic- disc shaped- running lights around it- something was sticking out of the bottom of it. It was about 20 -30 feet across. thanks for listening, Gwendolyn
Reply Parcs
5:14 PM on November 17, 2010 
Looking forward to talking once I get moved to Mandan. If you want more info on where I worked see this:
Reply ART C
9:22 AM on July 16, 2010 
I have been a partner and field investigator for over 40 years. I am dedicated to this and hope to hear from you soon. Art