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What do I do if I see a UFO?

Instructions are provided on the main MUFON site page. It is a good idea to view these instructions and get familiar with them ahead of time. Many people report that the sight of a UFO takes over all of your senses and you get excited and forget to do things  that will aid you in describing your event. Everyone should look at these instructions because you never know when or where you might see one. They are designed to help investigators provide accurate details about your sighting.

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Why Should I Report My Sighting?

Your sighting is important!

People have become accustomed to being ridiculed by theirs peers whenever the term UFO is mentioned. It is all fun and games until it happens to you. If you witness a UFO, you will enter into the group of thousands of other people from all over the world who have seen them as well. Reporting your UFO sighting provides information that is collected and analyzed and compared with other sightings that may have been reported from other witnesses. If you report the UFO sighting that you have, there may be a chance that someone else near by has witnessed it as well. This adds to your credibility and that of the other witness. You may wish to remain anonymous,  but at least provide your name to the reporting agency so that they can reach you, if they need to. Sometimes there are so many details to remember that you may not get all of the information at first. There are other factors to consider. A trained field investigator will know how to handle the investigation to provide the most information that will help you and the investigation. There will be things that you don't think about until asked by an investigator.    

Are Speakers Available To Give Presentations?

Yes! MUFON ND has speakers who can come and do a  presentation for your group or meeting.

Just contact me, and we will make the arrangements. We would love to do it for free, however at this time our funding does not cover travel. A very modest fee would be charged to cover gas and expenses depending on how far away from Bismarck ND it is. 

These presentations are very informative and enlightening.


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